Why Inflammation Can Make Change Difficult

Some more pieces of the body puzzle recently came together for me as I listened to Drs. David and Austin Perlmutter being interviewed in a very enlightening podcast episode, “How to Detox Your Brain for Clearer Thinking, Deeper Relationships, and Lasting Happiness.”

The Perlmutter’s explain how inflammation caused from sugar actually inhibits the function of the pre-frontal cortex–that part of the brain that helps us focus and make wise decisions; to set and achieve goals; to do the more difficult things because it’s the right thing to do.

When there is inflammation, decision making is often moved to the amygdala or the reptilian center of the brain which is responsible for rewards. Decision making from this area often means decisions that bring a quick reward. If I am offered a donut and know I don’t want the donut for whatever reason but I eat it anyway because I know it will taste so good, I’m likely operating out of this part of my brain. If my motivation is lacking on a consistent basis, my pre-frontal cortex may be hijacked due to inflammation, causing me to loose focus and desire to reach my goals.

Do you want to overcome chaos and challenges in your life but just don’t feel the motivation to do so? Listen to the podcast episode linked above. What answers do you find?

It matters!

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