Subconscious Programming And Forgiving Myself

Today (July 2015) I discovered something very interesting.  I learned that there has been some subconscious programming going on inside of me.  What is fascinating is that consciously I did not believe this programming–in fact, I have been extremely conscious of why I fought depression for a dozen years.  So to learn that there has still been a message that has been trying to sabotage me–for 15 years–was a revelation.

The message that has been running in my subconscious mind was, “The depression scarred my family.”

I know there were many times during the battle that I did feel that I was scarring my family…that what I was going through was affecting them in terrible ways.

And then another thought planted itself inside of me and I give all credit to God.  The thought was, “There is a very good reason for why you are suffering with depression.  When you get through this, you will be a strength to your family and a host of others who suffer.  You will know what it feels and acts like.  You are breaking a cycle that goes back generations in your family line.”

I decided to have faith in this thought even though there were many times when I just couldn’t believe it because it was so hard, so dark, so empty.

So, today when I learned about the subconscious programming in my mind, I had the opportunity to release that false programming by talking with God and forgiving myself.  I got to forgive myself for believing that I have scarred my family due to the depression!  I got to replace the false programming with the truth:  I have broken a cycle for generations.  My journey brings hope and healing to others.  My family has been richly blessed because of my journey and finding healing.

Your subconscious is likely feeding you a lot of false programming.  And it’s contributing to your fight with depression or chaos in your life. I invite you to ask, “What is a program running in my mind?”  And then challenge it, flip it around, and find the truth.

It matters!

(first published July 2015)

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