I Believe Families Can Be

emotionally resilient

During Uncertainty

Does your family life leave you scared because of the unknowns?

Does every day feel like Groundhog day?

Does a cloud of gloom hang over you?

Are you feeling unappreciated?

Do you feel unseen at school, work, or home?

Do you feel unsupported by your spouse?

Does it feel like you’re ready to explode?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed?

Do you wonder if you can

create emotional resilience

In Your Family?

Roadblock #1

Home life is full of opposition. You'd rather be anywhere but there.

Roadblock #2

The weight of 'holding it together' seems heavy and unbearable.

Roadblock #3

Fear of the future makes you feel scared and powerless--for you and your family.

I Have 3 Simple Solutions

Solution #1

Join a Group Coaching community to learn techniques to help you be emotionally resilient.

Solution #2

Check out my blog for down-to-earth ideas to help you gain confidence by becoming emotionally resilient.

Solution #3

Schedule a free 1:1 consult call to determine specific action to help you become emotionally resilient.

I understand because
I was Once a depressed
and uncertain mother

In 2000, I was diagnosed with depression. A 12-year battle of wondering if I would ever feel genuinely happy again had begun. I was uncertain why depression was just my “test” in life. I slowly felt the life draining out of me. I felt as if I was morphing into someone else. The real me was slowly disappearing.


While working hard to maintain a highly functioning home life, I was uncertain where I had gone wrong because we were experiencing parenting struggles.

Coach Mandy-Marie

I Wanted something different...

I wondered if there was an answer to the depression and to how I was reacting to our parenting challenges.

I worked with my doctor, began to learn about my thinking patterns, and uncovered past programming that was sabotaging my efforts to move forward. I retrained my brain.

...And Everything changed.

Coach Mandy-Marie

I overcame depression.

I became confident instead of confused.

My mess became my message 10 years ago.

I love and honor our children differently now.

I am now emotionally resilient in the midst of challenges.

I help individual family members become more confident and emotionally resilient!

Where to Find Me


Snippets to build emotional resilience.


Short videos with personal stories and simple steps to pivot.

The Blog

Tips to act on in your journey to becoming more confident.

I know you can do this!

If I had 30 minutes with you, I’d ask you what you want in creating emotional resilience in your family and we’d discover the uncertainties in your way.


I’d let you know that whatever those uncertainties are–depression, kids, stress, loneliness, a spouse, no spouse, job, the dog, money, self sabotage, lack of motivation, frustration, fogginess–they are figure-outable! 


Your emotional resilience invites emotional resilience within your family. The answers are inside you. I’ll guide you to them.


Let’s do this! 

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