It’s Not Mine — MIND KEY

Somewhere at about the halfway point in my journey with depression, I realized that I should probably stop referring to the depression as “mine.”  I’m not sure where this idea came from; it just sort of showed up.  I had this strong desire to detach myself from it.  It was probably around this point that I began to really, truly feel that the depression was not really who I was.  The effects from it did not really leave me acting true to who I really am.


And so I began to refer to the depression as just that–the depression.  I added one more word:  monster.


Depression and anxiety are monsters.  Sometimes they are bigger than at other times.  By the time I got to the point of, “I MUST get to the bottom of this!” the monster was really big for me.  It was dark, ugly, and I really truly felt like I was losing control over being who I really wanted to be.


Words have a frequency.  They have an energy.  Positive words create a lightness in our bodies.  Negative words create a heaviness.  But don’t take my word for it.  Create your own experiment.  If you are taking ownership of depression or anxiety with words like, “my depression” or “my anxiety,” replace it with “the depression/anxiety.”  This illness does not define who you really are. Don’t let it be “yours.”  Try the experiment and see what difference you notice.


Words matter.  You matter.  It matters!


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