When Pen Meets Paper

I had an experience early this morning that reminded me that everyone is fighting a battle; everyone is facing some sort of challenge; everyone needs a little slack.  We live in a fallen world which means there are obstacles.  Without the obstacles, growth would not happen.

Whether or not you are trying to unlock depression or anxiety, the battles are real.  Today I offer you hope–hope that the way in which you respond to your battles can be peaceful.  You really CAN go to war with a peaceful heart.  And that peace is worth more than all the money in the world, more than any possible earthly experience.

Here is an article written about the benefits of writing…especially about negative experiences.  Add to the writing of negative experiences the destroying of the page and then writing wisdom learned. 

It matters!


(first published Feb 19, 2015)

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Your emotions don’t need to have power over you.

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I’m Mandy-Marie.

Life is full of challenges–mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Being able to live from the wisdom gained from our challenges and mistakes is what enables us to become the best versions of ourselves. As a young mother of five, I was a mess of depression and perfectionism. Now as Nana to 5, my mess has become wisdom and propelled me forward with a passion for helping people show up the way they really want to!

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