TRAPping Negativity

Napoleon Hill said:


“It is a physical impossibility for a negative mind to generate positive thoughts. When you allow yourself to dwell on the negative aspects of life, negative thinking expands to fill all of your thoughts until there is no room for positive thoughts to grow. It becomes an endless cycle. The habit of negative thinking generates more and more negative thoughts, which the mind attempts to turn into physical reality. The result is a life of despair and hopelessness. Develop the habit of eliminating negative thoughts the moment they appear.”


I’ve seen the truth of this play out in my own life.  I’ve also seen what happens when I TRAP the negative thoughts and discover the truth.


Our thoughts are either generating life and hope or discouragement and resignation.  There is no middle ground here.


I invite you to TRAP the negative thoughts that come.  Write them down–all of them–for one day. And then turn each one around to the opposite.  An example is:


“I’m not good enough”  —> “I am good enough.”


Try it.  You get to choose what your reality will be.


(This exercise by itself will not solve challenges. It is, however, a start that invites hope…)


It matters!


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