Major Causes of Depression Part 4

(Please see parts 1-3 as well)

Viral Infection
  Epstein-Barr virus or Lyme disease:  the viruses that cause these can latch onto nerves and inflame them.  These viruses emit a toxic poison (neurotoxin) that inflames nerves and brain cells.  This disrupts the signals to and from the brain…and can lead to depression.
  combat with viral detox suggested in book
Electrolyte Deficiency
The body needs a certain level of electrolytes which are ions created by salt and other bodily fluids.  The electrolytes help maintain and send electrical impulses through the body—and especially to the brain.  When electrolytes are low, the electrical impulses are severely disrupted and a trigger for depression occurs.
  combat with healing foods to restore

I include these potential physical causes to depression to provide hope that depression and anxiety can be overcome on a physical level.  Combining this knowledge with tools to overcome the emotional side/causes is absolutely essential to complete eradication of depression!

It’s possible!  It matters!

(The possible physical causes to depression comes from Medical Medium by Anthony William.  I use it because my personal experience in researching and personally overcoming root causes to depression has taught me these truths in several different ways. I believe Mr. William’s work is the next step in understanding what is physically behind depression and what to do about it from a physical level.  I offer clients the understanding of how the physical and emotional components combine in creating depression and anxiety.  I guide clients to the resources to find the physical healing and then coach them on how to find emotional freedom using tools to master belief processes.)

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