Inward or Outward?

There are two kinds of mindsets:  inward and outward.  The inward mindset says, “My depression/anxiety/chaos leaves me unable to function like I want.  I am a victim.  I wish other people would understand that I don’t have the ability to ______________ (fill in the blank.)  People who don’t have mental illness don’t get it.  Anyone who says otherwise is _________ (fill in the blank.)”


I use to have some inward mindset conversations about the depression that was plaguing me.  I used to think there was little that I could do to truly overcome and that no one could truly understand let alone help me.


And then I learned about the outward mindset. This mindset helps me to see daily experiences and challenges as teachers–not as the enemy.  It helps me to see people as people.  Healing my mind came because I was given tools to create new neural pathways in my brain…pathways of truth…and to learn to identify and eradicate lies.


I invite you to look at one relationship in your past.  Take out a piece of paper and write down how you view this relationship–inward or outward.  Then write everything that comes to mind about what you can do to create a more outward relationship–how you can see the relationship as a teacher instead of as the enemy.


It matters!


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(Insights from personal experience, The Anatomy of Peaceand The Outward Mindset.)

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