How Mindfulness Makes A Difference

Mindfulness allows us to be aware of what we are feeling when we are feeling it and know what we are thinking as we are thinking it. It allows us to pay attention to which wolf fighting in our hearts we are going to feed.

The journey to creating the results you want takes practice. It takes knowing what to do with the fearful and vengeful wolf so it does not grow inside of us. It takes receiving the kind, gentle, loving wolf and helping that to grow through uniting our body, mind, and spirit in a symphony of identity, direction, and connection.

Which wolf are you feeding? Use this technique to feed the right one that will lead you to creating the results you want!

It matters!


(first published Sept 2018)
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I'm Coach Mandy-Marie

In 2010, I was overwhelmed with depression and stressed about what the future held. I knew there HAD to be answers.

I found them. These answers became solutions to facing my fears, replacing self-sabotage, and embracing my worth that have set me free to move through personal and parenting challenges. I’ve been teaching these solutions to clients for 10 years.

I want the same for you! 

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