Your Microbiome Could Be Contributing To Chaos In Your Life


Chances are very high that your gut micro biome is out of balance. We live in a world of large amounts of toxicity–it’s in our fertilizers and weed killers; our hair sprays and hair gels and shampoos; our pesticides; our food. So no matter how “clean” a person is with what they eat or the products they put on their skin, toxins can still be creating chaos in the micro biome.

This was the case with me. I could not understand why my doctor started me down this route when I cooked from scratch, made our own bread, and didn’t eat a lot of processed or refined-sugared food.

The truth was, my microbiome needed help. I had stored heavy metals from what I describe above. I had no idea. And I certainly did not know the connection between gut health and depression and anxiety. My microbiome was contributing heavily to the chaos in my life.

I now know. What my doctor helped me to see was the connection and that I could do something about it.

Watch the following video to see how the microbiome affects the production of neurotransmitters and why you may be fighting depression and anxiety or chaos.


Gut-Brain Science

It matters!

Do you know about your second brain?

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