When Challenges Seem Overwhelming

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Do you ever wonder if there is really a point to life?

Do you ever hear yourself being afraid of what may or may not happen?

Do you ever think there is no way you are going to make it through your challenges?

I get it. I’ve been there. I remember one particular day when I stood outside my home, looked into the sky, and thought, “I just don’t think I’ll ever be happy. And there is no way I want to live the next 70 years of my life feeling this way.”

Overwhelm. Uncertainty. Fear. Challenges.

They are a reality.

The good news is that in the landscape of challenge, hope for something beautiful can grow.

In our neighborhood in Texas, grass is often a blanket of weeds. Today while taking a walk, my husband and I noticed delicate little flowers growing up in the midst of the grassy weeds. It is beautiful to notice. It brought hope to my heart…hope and a sure knowledge that I can rise above challenging landscapes and flourish.

If you’re ready for the delicate flowers of hope in the landscape of challenges, what would your flowers represent for you?

It matters!

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I'm Coach Mandy-Marie

In 2010, I was overwhelmed with depression and stressed about what the future held. I knew there HAD to be answers.

I found them. These answers became solutions to facing my fears, replacing self-sabotage, and embracing my worth that have set me free to move through personal and parenting challenges. I’ve been teaching these solutions to clients for 10 years.

I want the same for you! 

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