When Change Seems To Take Too Long

Last year during June my friend helped me plant some flowers in our rock wall. She took some starts of the soapwort flower from my front yard and planted them right inside the rocks. I diligently watered them. I was very hopeful they would produce beautiful plants this spring. Some of the plants seemed to really begin thriving. Others died off completely. Others straggled along with tiny green leaves that would show up every so often.

I was pretty careful to diligently water the plants. I knew that establishing the plants in the first few months of their lives was super important. And I’m so glad I took the time to water those little guys…because this year the beauty is beyond comprehension!

I’ve been thinking alot about these beautiful flowers and the parallels to life and to my clients. Every one of us starts as a seedling. The potential to blossom, to grow into the purpose and creation we were put here to grow into, is within every human being. Growing from a seedling into the creation of what fuels us as individuals is a beautiful process. It doesn’t happen overnight. As much as I wanted large, beautiful plants growing inside my rock wall the morning after planting the seedlings, I had to wait a season.

Your season is whenever you choose it. Just know that whatever size your seedling is, it is SO worth the time and effort to grow into YOUR desired creation. It is SO worth choosing to rewrite your story, let go of faulty thoughts and programming, honor the needs of your body, and be true to what your spirit is telling you.

It matters!





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