What Does ‘Surrendering’ Really Mean?

In the world of overcoming addictions, “surrendering” is part of the process of showing up the way a person really wants to. Marianne Williamson suggests that “surrendering” means to give up the beliefs that do not serve us.

This is a profound way to look at what may be feeding chaos in our lives. I find it remarkable that generally speaking, we as human beings are really good at accepting, believing, and acting out negativity…everything from believing we aren’t good enough to get the better job, to get a pay increase, to get out of bed…to believing mental illness is just “our thorn in the flesh” and there isn’t anything to do about overcoming it.

I invite you to get really curious about any beliefs and actions you live out that are keeping you from creating what you really, truly want. I invite you to consider surrendering them. What are the possibilities if you do so?

For me, it was moving into a life without mental illness challenges; it was moving into a life of abundance; it was moving into a life of finding my passion and purpose and beginning to live it; it was moving into a space of learning to honor my children and husband in ways that frees them to live true to them and their progress, not what I think is best for them. It meant moving into a space where showing up in people’s lives isn’t because I want to comfort myself but because I truly see them for who they are. It meant moving into a life where my God is truly first.

What is one belief you can surrender? Replace it with a thought that invites positive creation. Be with this thought. Sit with it. Take it on walks. Invite it over for lunch. Feel it. Let it become one with you. And watch transformation begin…

It matters!

(picture thanks to Gabby Bernstein )

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