Trauma-Induced Depression

I recently found an article that is extremely insightful.  Sometimes we believe that trauma is comes from events such as the death of a loved one, a car accident, getting seriously hurt, etc…  In fact, trauma can be anything that sends our nervous system into survival mode.

During a traumatic event, the nervous system goes into survival mode (the sympathetic nervous system) and sometimes has difficulty reverting back into its normal, relaxed mode again (the parasympathetic nervous system). If the nervous system stays in survival mode, stress hormones such as cortisol are constantly released, causing an increase in blood pressure and blood sugar, which can in turn reduce the immune system’s ability to heal. Physical symptoms start to manifest when the body is in constant distress.  (Psychology Today)

This article provides some great info into how unresolved trauma in the nervous system can create chronic pain and other illnesses.

Getting to the root of depression and anxiety means acknowledging trauma and bidding any emotional charges farewell–not wallowing in it, not reliving it, but bidding it farewell.  How would it feel to no longer be charged by your trauma, to no longer relive it, to no longer “go into orbit” because of its effects?

Let me help you learn how to leave survival mode and move into healing.

It matters!


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