Picking Up The Pieces When Hope Seems Impossible

We’ve all been there. Tragedy strikes. A promise isn’t kept. Words are spoken that leave a sting. Abuse leaves panic and dismantled confidence. A friend turns against us. Betrayal leaves unimaginable pain.

Why does hope seem impossible to you?

Not knowing how to pick up the pieces when something leaves us feeling hopeless creates anxiety–fear of what the future holds. You are capable of picking up the pieces.

  • Get a pen and paper.
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes.
  • Write everything that comes to mind about what you think is impossible.
  • Create a statement about how you want to reclaim your personal power when you think about picking up the pieces.

Don’t edit what you write. Don’t critique it. It’s meant to teach you something. It’s mean to open your eyes that you can reclaim your personal power.

It’s a courageous step in your journey to transforming your life. I’d love to be a part of the journey with you! Contact me below.

It matters!

Tell your heart to beat again. Claim your personal power. It matters!

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Coach Mandy-Marie

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I'm Coach Mandy-Marie

In 2010, I was overwhelmed with depression and stressed about what the future held. I knew there HAD to be answers.

I found them. These answers became solutions to facing my fears, replacing self-sabotage, and embracing my worth that have set me free to move through personal and parenting challenges. I’ve been teaching these solutions to clients for 10 years.

I want the same for you! 

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