The Ebb And Flow Of Motivation

Motivation. It’s what drives us forward. The lack of it keeps us spinning and wondering why we continue to repeat patterns that don’t work. In this post you’ll learn to recognize why your personal motivation may be ebbing and flowing.

Several years ago I attended a seminar that had some amazing content. I wanted to incorporate what I learned–from that moment forward. And I did–for a few days. Then I lost the motivation. The problem was, no matter how great the content had been, it was too overwhelming to incorporate even a fraction of it on a consistent basis.

What is something that you wish you had motivation for?

Say it outloud.

Now ask yourself what you believe about yourself when you ARE motivated and when you ARE NOT motivated.

If you are motivated and you believe you are a better person because of it, chances are this is why your motivation ebbs and flows. Your value is independent of your motivation. It is independent of whether you do something or don’t do something. Your value comes from one truth: you are you.

When I attended that seminar years ago, I was attaching my value and self worth to whether or not I incorporated the things that were taught. And my motivation ebbed and flowed for months.

The key to lasting motivation is to work on your goal because you want to move forward in life, not because you can then prove “I’m good enough. I have value.” No strings attached. As soon as I figured this out for myself, my motivation changed. Today my motivation stays steady because I know my value has nothing to do with anything I choose to do or not do.

Motivation. No strings attached. Contact me and I will guide you to discover this for yourself!

It matters!


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