NY Times: Many People Taking Antidepressants Discover They Cannot Quit

The New York Times published this article  in April 2018.

Antidepressants can create emotional stability so a person can continue with life. But they have their cost. Some of those costs are outlined in the article. For me, I became numb, had libido challenges, and was extremely tired much of the time.

After 10 years on Prozac, I was ready to find the root. I couldn’t stand the side effects of the antidepressants anymore. And so in 2010 I began searching. My doctor invited me to learn about the gut and its possible connection. There wasn’t a ton of science on the topic at the time but just enough to get started; I began reading and taking measures by going gluten free and taking numerous supplements. And it helped. My doctor weaned me off Prozac. Thankfully it was relatively “easy.” I gradually took 1 pill/month as I worked on healing my microbiome and eventually I didn’t need it at all. Now that I know what I know, I imagine that had I weaned from Prozac without healing my microbiome at the same time, I could easily have had symptoms the article talks about.

Thankfully there continues to be more research and study about what is causing mental wellness breakdowns. My own journey to discovering the physical side to the depression I battled has shown what science is now saying more loudly: THERE IS A DIRECT CONNECTION BETWEEN THE MICROBIOME AND MENTAL WELLNESS.

I truly wish Amare, the Mental Wellness Company, had been around in 2010 when I began this journey! I would have tried their products in a heartbeat! Because they are using cutting-edge science and research to formulate their all-natural products, I would be able to trust it to support shifting my microbiome so that my second brain (gut) would more readily produce the neurotransmitters my brain needs to help me process life.

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(picture from webinvestigator.kk.org; post published April 2018)

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