New Year–New Story So Trauma Loses Its Power


Stories…everyone has one. Everyone. What if this year you could write a new story and have a different life? What if??

What if the traumas of your past lost their power over you? What if, “Instead of obsessing about some traumatic or stressful event that you fear is in your future, based on your experience of the past, [you could] obsess about a new, desired experience that you haven’t yet embraced emotionally”…and change your life?? (Dr. Joe Dispenza)

What if?

The truth is that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between an event happening right now and what we are entertaining mentally. One example of this happened to me a few years ago. Someone in my life treated me with a heavy dose of toxicity. They betrayed me. They misunderstood me. They were hateful and spiteful towards me. At first, whenever I thought of this experience, my heart began to race and my breathing became shallow–just like it did when the event initially happened. Over time, I learned how to rewrite the neural pathways around this experience because I could understand the truth behind the experience–this person was toxic not because of me and anything I had done; they were toxic because of the weight of the lies they believe about themself. The way this person showed up was not about me. It was about them. I chose to see them in a new light. I rewrote the story about them and why they did what they did. And now when I think about this person, my heart is different. I still have appropriate boundaries but my heart doesn’t race and I don’t get anxious thinking about being around them.

Dr. Dispenza in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself says:

If we focus on an intended future event and then plan how we will prepare or behave, there will be a moment when we are so clear and focused on that possible future that the thoughts we are thinking will begin to become the experience itself.

Powerful. It works. I’m living proof of it.

What power will YOUR story hold this year?

It matters!

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