Do You Feel Broken Or Irrepareable?

My husband and I and our children created a new home and moved into it during May (2014).  Those of you who have ever accomplished such a feat know that it requires a great deal of patience, fortitude, planning, and relying on the know-how of others and that they will follow through and be honest with what they say they will do.

A new home means a new yard.  Our MO for such a feat means to see how much fun we can have preparing the land first–before the professionals come in!  It means big tractors and dump trucks to move the top layers of rocks around.  There is almost nothing more fulfilling to my husband and teenage boys than being able to operate big machinery!  And so, within a month of our moving in, our friend loaned us his backhoe and dump truck.  Summer and Fall involved moving thousands of pounds of rock and dirt off our land.

One morning in the middle of the summer I was preparing breakfast–at least that was my intention.  But the gas stove would not light.  Strange.  I really did not want to have to deal with this.  This is a new home!  Why would the stove not work?

Steve was able to trace the problem to a broken gas line in our front yard!  Really?!  How?  Turns out, with all of the moving of the rock and dirt in an effort to level the ground, one of the men in my family accidentally hit a gas line and severed it!

Thankfully the gas company was quick to fix the broken pipe.  We were back to normal.  The damage was minimal because we caught it early on.

Sometimes we are tempted to believe that we are broken and irreparable.  Sometimes we are pummeled by voices that say there is no way out of this, that it’s too hard, that we are buried too deeply in sludge.  Sometimes we think, “I began the process of getting out of this mess.  I was making progress.  Now I feel broken all over again.  It’s too hard.  It doesn’t matter.”

Do not believe it.  Instead, believe that there is a way out of your struggles…be it depression, anxiety, or any other challenge. Repair is possible. Hold on.  It will be worth it.

It matters!




(first published Jan 23, 2015)

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