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Mental Wellness Conference

Join the Mental Wellness Conference going on now! Do you feel like you lack focus, are  foggy, or exhausted? Do you feel  stressed, overwhelmed,  or

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Emotions And The Brain

Did you know that you can regulate your behavior through your thoughts? Here is a 2-minute video that explains how regulating our thoughts and behaviors

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Two Kinds Of Power

There are two kinds of power: Power Over and Personal Power. Power Over kills the spirit. Personal Power nourishes the spirit. Author Patricia Evans says,

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COVID-19 And Emotions

Things happen. Life happens. Plans don’t go as we think they should or thought they would. A virus sweeps the Earth and millions loose jobs

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Anxiety And COVID-19

As I’ve mentioned before, my favorite definition of anxiety is: practicing failure in advance. No one knows how long COVID is going to stay around,

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