Adolescent Mental Health

Many tweens and teens believe they are not good enough which then often turns into depression. The Boys and Girls Clubs of America posted a recent article on tween and teen depression, outlining some signs of depression.

    • Mood changes
      Your teen may seem uncharacteristically sad and quiet, or conversely, very sensitive to criticism and more likely to have emotional outbursts.
    • Feeling hopeless or worthless
      Your teen saying “What’s the point?” or “I don’t make a difference anyway” can be signifiers of depression and feeling disconnected from their world.
    • Restlessness and difficulty concentrating
      Be on the lookout for changes in performance in school, less attention to their personal hygiene and lack of focus during their usual activities.
    • Low self-esteem
      Low self-esteem in tweens and teenagers can often lead to depression, so it’s important to know and regularly check in on how your teen considers themself, their value and their contributions.

In working with several tweens/teens struggling with life, a common theme is believing they are not good enough. If your tween/teen is experiencing any of the above symptoms, try this question:

What sentences are you hearing in your head about yourself?

Ask, hear the answer, and ask another question. Seek to understand what they are hearing. Be curious. Let them be heard.

It matters!

picture from Spokesman-Review

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