Are Your Emotions Running The Show?

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in a pool of overwhelm?

Does it feel like you can’t handle one more challenge?

There is hope. No matter who you are, there is an answer!

Emotional resilience.

It is the ability to adapt to the challenges and stresses in your life.

Thankfully, it is something that can be learned.

…resilience can be developed with some effort and practice. If you know what to do, you can become more resilient, even if you are naturally more sensitive to life’s difficulties.

You can become emotionally resilient, no matter what your challenges are!

Ask yourself this question: What is the emotion that best describes what I am feeling about my current challenge?

Then ask yourself: If this emotion could talk, what would it say to me?

Our emotions have messages. These messages make it possible for us to figure out if our emotions are in charge of us or if we are in charge of them.

Do your emotions run the show?

It matters!

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(Elizabeth Scott, PhD; 2020; Why Emotional Resilience Is A Trait You Can Develop)
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In 2010, I was overwhelmed with depression and stressed about what the future held. I knew there HAD to be answers.

I found them. These answers became solutions to facing my fears, replacing self-sabotage, and embracing my worth that have set me free to move through personal and parenting challenges. I’ve been teaching these solutions to clients for 10 years.

I want the same for you! 

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