Anxiety And COVID-19

As I’ve mentioned before, my favorite definition of anxiety is: practicing failure in advance.

No one knows how long COVID is going to stay around, let alone what life is going to be like when we go back to “normal.” And the brain believes that anxiety about it all will keep us safe.

The truth is that anxiety about the future and what it will mean for us personally is counterproductive. It keeps us in a space of fear. And when we are in fear, we can’t create what we really want to create.

Today I invite you to be present with whatever feelings you are experiencing regarding COVID-19. Sit with them. Be present with them. Feel them. Be okay feeling them.

Being present with our emotions actually helps us to be able to do something to create positive forward movement.

Choose one suggestion from the 10 Tips to Reduce COVID-19 Anxiety. Practice being present. Practice feeling.

It matters!






(picture from Sanford Health)

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