Why I Am Sharing

Some may wonder why I am sharing my story.  I heard a story from David Bednar a few days ago that explains exactly why I share. ( Come and See )

He told about a time when two of his sons were very small.  They were playing outside and the younger son got hurt–not badly, but he was scratched.  The Bednar’s decided to watch and see how the two would interact.  They wanted to see if their teachings about caring for one another had sunk in at all.  And so they watched.

The boys came into the house, pulled chairs up to the sink, and the older brother began to clean the arm of his younger brother, using large amounts of dish soap in the process!  This proceeded to bring much howling and weeping from the younger brother.  After that was done, the older brother took a towel and dried his brother’s arm.  Then he climbed onto the counter and proceeded to find a medicated ointment and bandages, wherein he proceeded to use most of the ointment on his brother’s arm–never mind that the scratch was not very large!  By this time, the howling had stopped; the ointment must have felt good!  He then unwrapped the bandages and carefully applied them from the wrist to the elbow of his younger brother.

With a near-empty ointment tube and bandaid wrappers left behind, the younger brother then gathered other bandaids and the remaining ointment and went outside to his friends…whereupon he began to apply ointment and bandages to their arms!  Why?  “He immediately and intuitively wanted to give to his friends the very thing that had helped him when he was hurt.”

And so, why do I share?  Because I have been in the shoes of the little brother who is hurt.  And I have been comforted, cared for, and delivered from my hurt because other people have been unafraid to share the water, the soap, the ointment, and the loving care they have also had in their lives.  And I completely recognize that every bit of this healing comes from one source and one source only:  Jesus Christ.  Had He not come, I would be doing this life on my own which would mean I would just have to endure the pain, the hurt, the illness with no hope of ever being delivered.  Had He not come, the ability to find hope because He and others have walked the path would be futile.  There would be no hope.

I share with you because I want you to find the hope and the healing that I have found.

It matters!

(first published Oct 15, 2014)

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