Perfection and Commitment

We hear the word “perfect” a lot. It can be so damaging because the message is, “I’m not good enough” because I didn’t do such and such without error.

The truth is, you’re good enough. Period. You’re valuable because you are a human being on this planet. Period. Nothing you do or don’t do changes that. Period.

What might happen if you let go of “perfection” and focused on commitment?

Perfection says, “What did I do wrong?”

Commitment says, “What did I do right?”

What is one thing you have done right today? (you can count reading this post!)

Start a list. Add something every day. Watch the evidence of your commitment grow.

Watch yourself begin to claim your power.

It matters!



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Your emotions don’t need to have power over you.

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I’m Mandy-Marie.

Life is full of challenges–mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Being able to live from the wisdom gained from our challenges and mistakes is what enables us to become the best versions of ourselves. As a young mother of five, I was a mess of depression and perfectionism. Now as Nana to 5, my mess has become wisdom and propelled me forward with a passion for helping people show up the way they really want to!

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