Parable of the Pallets

Yesterday I was reminded of a story.

In 1991, my husband and I moved into our first home. It was 1000 sf in a cute neighborhood of 1940’s homes. It was just right for us.

The only “problem” was the back deck was non-existent. There was just a muddy place during rain…and dust during sunshine…as we stepped out the back door.

We lived with it for awhile and didn’t really think much about it. Then children began to come along and began to get older and it was apparent that we needed to do something.

I really wanted to put in a regular deck. Between the two of us, my husband and I decided we didn’t have the money to spend on it. So, being the very resourceful and capable man that he is, my husband showed up with pallets one day…and a new deck was created!

The new deck was fine. It was adequate…occasional slivers and all! Secretly, however, I really wished for a new “real” deck.The year 2012 came along and it was time to move to a new city. We decided we would rent our home. And of course that meant it was time to fix some things and improve the look of the deck!

So we spent $600 and got a new deck–made from actual deck materials!

I was so mad!! Why had we spent 12 years saying we could not afford it? And then to have it only cost $600! Granted, that was a lot more money then than now but still…

What I now realize is that perhaps we blocked a blessing from happening…we didn’t plan out how much a new deck would cost; we just figured we couldn’t afford it. And so we didn’t receive something that actually could have happened!

It makes me wonder what blessing I may be blocking because I’m just sure it can’t happen…and therefore I will not receive it…

What could you create if you opened the door to receiving it?

It matters!

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