A Main Contributor To Depression And Anxiety

My husband and I just had a conversation that brought to the forefront how much growth I’ve made since figuring out the depression I battled for 12 years.

There was one emotion and feeling that dramatically fed the flames of the depression I fought:


Fear that my children might make the wrong choices.

Fear that I might be seen as less than because I was struggling.

Fear that I would battle depression for the rest of my life.

Fear that something was wrong with me.

Fear that I couldn’t really say what was going on in my head.

Fear that I had done something wrong.

Fear that the side effects of the medication would get worse.

Fear that the depression would get worse.

Fear that I was turning into someone I had no control over.

Fear that the people closest to me would really never want to hear me.

Fear that I was broken.

Fear that my children might have the same struggle.

Fear had my power. I cowered to it. I believed it. 

What I didn’t know then but I know now is:

What choice are you making with your fears?

It matters!

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