Holding Space For Others

I’ve been learning something very intriguing to me the past little while. It is a concept that Brooke Snow, a podcast host, teaches.

It is the principle of Holding Space.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt tension and a sinking feeling?

Or have you ever walked into a room and felt uplifted and safe and happy?

Both scenarios happen because of the frequency of our thoughts and feelings and actions.

When we resonate at higher frequencies, we invite those around us to do the same. Nature craves balance. If there is an imbalance in the frequency of two people, it must be balanced. So either the two people will come to the same frequency by climbing or diving to the attendant emotions or the higher frequency person will leave.

Holding Space is about seeing who we really are which then invites others to choose in to who they really are.

If you have a troubling, difficult relationship, practice Holding Space by doing one thing to see who you really are.

It matters!

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