Ever Felt Discouraged?

There is a great story that took place in Nain, Galilee, during the time of Jesus Christ. A widow’s only son died. In that day, culture said that if a woman’s husband died before old age, it was a sign of sin and God was punishing the widow. So this woman, known as the Widow of Nain, had been facing spiritual and emotional pain ever since her husband’s death.

Now that her birthright son had died, she was facing financial ruin; the birthright son was responsible for his mother when she was made a widow.

It was precisely at this moment in time, as the funeral procession walked through the town, that Jesus Christ showed up. He would have had to have walked 30 miles within the previous day to make it to Nain (he had been in Capernaum the day before). And those 30 miles were filled with an uphill climb.

But He did it. Why? I believe it is to show you and me that He doesn’t just care about our aloneness, our abandonment, our fear, our discouragement, or our beliefs that we are being punished by God…he KNOWS how we are feeling. I image this widow pleading with God when her son was so sick. I imagine her tossing and turning at night, wondering what sin she or her late husband had committed that brought such ruin upon her.

No matter what religion you belong to or how you view God, there is a Higher Power. And He KNOWS how you are feeling. He is not punishing you because you struggle with depression, anxiety, or chaos. And He will show up in the precise moment that is perfect for your forward movement. In fact, He is showing up again and again. Do you see Him?

It matters!

More info on the Widow of Nain

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Your emotions don’t need to have power over you.

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