Commitment vs Perfection

I have stopped posting regularly on this blog for awhile now. I realized the other day why. Following the template I have been using requires time and thought; and I had a subconscious belief going on–my thoughts had to not just make sense, but if I didn’t follow the template exactly, the post would not be good enough.

In other words, I was putting myself in the “perfection” box.

One of my clients said something really brilliant the other day when we were talking about this. She said

Commitment sustains me. Perfection exhausts and punishes me. –JL

I tell all of my clients that I am not interested in perfection–whatever that looks like for them. What I AM interested in is commitment. Commitment to moving forward. And working on action steps on Tuesday is going to look different than on Thursday. And that it exactly as it should be.

So I will take my own advice and begin anew with blog posts, speaking from my heart instead of from a template.

What in your life needs commitment instead of perfection?

It matters!

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