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5 Lessons To Live By

Wayne Dyer shares some profound truths that have the possibility of changing your life if you adopt them. Do I live in a hostile or friendly universe? There are no justified resentments. What you think

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Mindfulness is being aware of what is happening, opening the door to what you really want. As the video suggests, become aware of what your body is feeling. Stand or sit still. Close your eyes.

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Running Away From Ourselves

Holocaust survivor, Edith Eger, shares a profound understanding in her memoir, The Choice. Conventional wisdom says that if something bothers you or causes you anxiety, then just don’t look at it. Don’t dwell on it.

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Adolescent Mental Health

Many tweens and teens believe they are not good enough which then often turns into depression. The Boys and Girls Clubs of America posted a recent article on tween and teen depression, outlining some signs

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