Are Your Results What You Want?

Do you know someone who continues to have the same type of negative experiences in their life, over and over? Do you know someone who continues to attract the same kind of negative dating partner, relationship after relationship?

On the flip side, do you know someone who seems to move effortlessly through life? Someone whose relationships thrive? Someone who seems to “have it all together?”

Why such differences? It’s called vibration. Dr. Lipton gives a great explanation of vibration in the following video. Watch at least the first 3 minutes!

Not getting the results you want? Try the following 3 things to raise your vibration. Doing at least one of them every day will raise your vibration and help you get the results you want. Doing them in conjunction with becoming very conscious of why you show up the way you do will open doors of healing.

make a list of 5 things you are grateful for

go outside; take a walk

listen to an inspirational song

It matters!

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Your emotions don’t need to have power over you.

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I’m Mandy-Marie.

Life is full of challenges–mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Being able to live from the wisdom gained from our challenges and mistakes is what enables us to become the best versions of ourselves. As a young mother of five, I was a mess of depression and perfectionism. Now as Nana to 5, my mess has become wisdom and propelled me forward with a passion for helping people show up the way they really want to!

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