Just In Case You Think You Are Alone

I woke up this morning with this post on my mind.


I have been writing this blog for a mere 2.5 months.  Readership is now in the thousands.  Most of you are silent readers. Some of you have said something to me and encouraged me to keep posting.  And I will…because depression is not only real and ugly, it has found its way into the lives of 350 million people globally*.


According to the Center for Disease Control** 1 in 5 people are affected by depression and 1 in 10 are reporting it.  This last statistic was taken in 2008.  Since current statistics for depression are difficult to determine because it often takes so long for science to gather the information, we can just assume that numbers have risen dramatically in the past six years.  It isn’t rocket science.  The fact is, walk down your street and open up a conversation with someone; either they are struggling with depression or anxiety or they know someone who is.  My experience has shown me exactly this.


Depression and anxiety are silent heart breakers.  You are not alone.  Nor do you need to suffer in silence.


Here is one man’s way to unite with something he loves.  Perhaps you are saying, “There isn’t anything I love.  I’m numb.  I don’t care.  I don’t even want to get out of bed.  There is no hope.  It’s too dark and ugly.  I can never be anything different.  I’m not who I used to be.  It doesn’t matter.”  If these or any other dark thoughts are milling inside of you, hold on.  Take my hope and hold tight.  It can get better–much better.  Watch this video and connect with something–anything of light–today…even if for just a few moments.


It matters!


Learn more about my journey HERE.



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