Hold the Line

Yesterday I was asked a very good question by someone I have been coaching through her anxieties and fears.  She said that she has made incredible headway in overcoming some of her once-debilitating fears.  In fact, the difference is so profound that a recent experience that she and her husband had would have put their relationship in serious trouble a few months ago, but because of the tools she is using to eradicate from the core her anxieties, they are doing well.


Her question was, “When you start going in the right direction, do sometimes things start going really wrong?”


Yes, yes, and yes!  I cannot begin to tell you how many times this has happened to me since beginning my transformation!  Why?  Because if our peace can be robbed, who has the power?  Not us. Learn more about my journey HERE.


So, HOLD THE LINE!  This means to not give into the pressures of a challenging situation. It means to not give into the belief that what you are doing to move out of depression, anxiety, false beliefs, and whatever it is, is not working or won’t work.  YOU are more powerful than the voices that want to break you.  It’s up to you.


Hold the line.


It matters!


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