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5 Lessons To Live By

Wayne Dyer shares some profound truths that have the possibility of changing your life if you adopt them. Do I live in a hostile or friendly universe? There are no justified resentments. What you think

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Mindfulness is being aware of what is happening, opening the door to what you really want. As the video suggests, become aware of what your body is feeling. Stand or sit still. Close your eyes.

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Holding Space For Others

I’ve been learning something very intriguing to me the past little while. It is a concept that Brooke Snow, a podcast host, teaches. It is the principle of Holding Space. Have you ever walked into

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When Darkness Seems Too Much

My husband and I recently took an extended trip from Utah to the Bahamas in our personal plane. During the first leg to Texas, we had one hour left. It was 10 pm. The lights

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