My mess became
my message.

In 2000, I was diagnosed with depression.

Thus began a 12-year battle of wondering if I would ever feel genuinely happy again. I wondered if depression was just my “test” in life. I slowly felt the life draining out of me. I felt as if I was morphing into someone else. The real me was slowly disappearing.

Years of antidepressants kept me from feeling highs or lows. I was numb. Very few people knew my pain and burden because I kept it hidden, thinking it was just something I needed to deal with on my own.

My reality began to shift around year 10. I began to talk. I began to share with others what was going on. I began to be open with my children and more candid with my husband. I began questioning my belief that I would always have depression.

I decided to see if there was another answer.

I went to my doctor and he put me on the path to understand the body-brain connection and how to nurture my body’s ability to heal.

About 18 months into this, my husband and I were introduced to intentional thinking. I had not considered I could train my brain! I began using skills taught to us by a great mentor. Now my reality really shifted. My dependence for antidepressants diminished and then disappeared. I began to find myself again. My ability to express the inspiration and wisdom inside me was restored. My spirit began to thrive.

The benefits of this internal shift became even more evident as our children grew and my husband and I experienced some parenting challenges. Because I was already shifting and learning how to connect my body, mind, and spirit, it gave permission to our teenagers to change as well. This awareness of intentional thinking refines and protects me from going into a tailspin of chaos.

I love working with individuals who want to create an

Intentional Life!

I find great satisfaction in helping people create intentional lives by identifying and eradicating the subconscious lies about who they are. I get excited as people transform their lives into intentional creation! I delight when I see people find wisdom from their challenges and create the best version of themselves!

I love helping parents who have coupled their personal identity and worth around the decisions their children make. I know what both sides of this looks and feels like. I can help you unravel the chaos and harness your power to create what you want!

Here’s how it works.

I meet weekly for an hour with clients, either in person or via Facetime. Payment is made via VenMo. Uncovering the roots to the disconnect between the body, mind, and spirit is key to moving forward to create the results you want.

Most of my clients find the greatest long-term success by working together for several months or more. They love creating lives of meaning and purpose by learning how to show up brave, no matter their challenge.

Let’s begin to unmask the bravery inside you.

Learn more on a free 30-minute call. Begin your journey to uniting your body, mind, and spirit to create the best version of YOU!  

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