When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

I believe that emotional resilience is possible for those who suffer with depression and anxiety.

In the year 2000, I was diagnosed with depression. Thus began a 12-year battle of wondering if I would ever feel genuinely happy again. I wondered if depression was just my “test” in life. I slowly felt the life draining out of me. I felt as if I was morphing into someone else. The real me was slowly disappearing.

Years of antidepressants kept me from feeling highs or lows. I was numb. Very few people knew my pain and burden because I kept it hidden, thinking it was just something I needed to deal with on my own.

I believe the answers to every person's challenges are inside them. That's why having a guide to help find those answers is invaluable!

Ten years into this very difficult challenge, I told my doctor I was ready to see what was really behind the depression…and if it meant I needed to stay on anti depressants, then I would. He agreed to help me this way. He put me on the path to understand the body-brain connection and how to nurture my body’s ability to heal.

About 18 months into this, my husband and I were introduced to intentional thinking through mindset. I didn’t know mindset was a thing! We both began using skills taught to us by a great life coach. Now my reality really began to shift. My need for antidepressants diminished and then disappeared. I began to find myself again. My ability to express the inspiration and wisdom inside me was restored. My spirit began to thrive. I began to unravel the subconscious lies that were creating results I did not want.

I believe that parents can thrive and enjoy being parents.

The benefits of this internal shift became even more evident as our children grew older and my husband and I experienced some parenting challenges. We were able to move through the challenges with clarity. This clarity continues today to protect me from going into a tailspin, no matter what challenge I may be facing.

I can be your guide.

As a Christian-based Life Coach, I can guide you to:

  • Increased personal confidence
  • Clear forward movement
  • Creating healthier relationships
  • Overcoming parenting challenges
  • Improved mental health

Here’s how it works...

You and I meet weekly for an hour. We will discover what is in the way of creating what you want to be different; and then I’ll teach you techniques to create the results you want!

We work together for a minimum of 4 months. My clients love creating lives of confidence, improved relationships, and emotional resilience!

Explore the wall between you and
your best life

The Wall in Your Way
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I can’t wait to spoil you! 

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