The 'Second' Brain

The gut is often referred to as the “second brain.”

When the gut is compromised–due to environmental toxins and foods–its ability to create the “feel good” chemicals is dramatically impacted, leaving the brain working at reduced capacity. I love that Amare’s supplements help to heal the gut and get it talking to the brain!

The body piece is an important component to overall mental wellness.

When the gut and the brain are not cohesively working together, mental health challenges are often magnified.


I wish Amare had been around when I was figuring out my mental health!


Blood tests showed antibodies building up against dairy, gluten, and nuts. In order to not have a full-blown allergy, he suggested several measures to treat the root cause–my gut. I followed his suggestions while continuing to learn more about the gut-brain connection.


Amare’s formulas are specifically designed to heal the gut so the neurotransmitters created there can flourish, not die off. They continue to be a very essential part to my thriving.

Why do I like Amare?

It’s the only supplement I know of that targets the entire gut-brain axis. Every product is designed to help build mental wellness through the optimization of the gut-brain axis.

These supplements, which use clinically validated ingredients, give my clients greater resilience in the face of stress, better mood, and psychological vigor. They:

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Is there a fee to join?

There is a $25/year fee to order the products at wholesale pricing and become a Preferred Customer.

What if I want to share this with others?

As a Preferred Customer, you can earn free products when you refer others.

What if I don’t have depression and anxiety? Can these help me?

Yes! Everyone experiences stress. Everyone has mental health. The formulation of plant-based supplements helps the brain to be resilient through stress and optimize mental wellness.

What if the products do not work for me?

Preferred Customers can return their products up to a year for a full refund, minus shipping.

Which supplements do you use?

My husband and I both used the Fundamentals for 2 years. Now we use Mood, Probiotics, and OmMega every day. Our grandchildren love the Kids VitaGBX!

What if I have supplements I already like?

My husband and I incorporate these supplements into the daily multi-vitamins we use from another fabulous company and have found great success.

Coach Mandy Marie Emotionally Resilient

I've been down this road.

I know what it looks like. I know what it feels like. I know what it sounds like. We are learning more every year about the body’s function and how it connects to mental health. The body piece of optimizing the gut-brain axis is crucial to creating the better you as you connect your body, mind, and spirit.

Relief is possible!

Watch a 15-minute video to discover what may be in the way of relief

I can’t wait to spoil you! 

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