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Coach Mandy Marie Emotionally Resilient


How often and how long do you meet with clients?

I offer 3 different packages: 4-months; 8-months; 12-months. We meet weekly for 60-minutes via Zoom.

Group Coaching is weekly for 6 weeks via Zoom.

What types of appointments do you offer?

I offer weekly 1:1  appointments and group coaching. 

What makes your coaching different than other life coaching?

I believe your ability to gain confidence in your uncertainties is more than just thinking good thoughts.

I believe it is about uncovering the programming glitches that are impeding you from reaching your goals of thriving in spite of stress--and then reprogramming your brain with the truth about how you want to respond to the stress. I teach techniques to do this.

Being emotionally resilient will set you up for success because you will be able to handle whatever challenges come you way! This is the secret sauce to creating emotionally resilient families! One mom, one dad, one child at a time:)

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