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Mental Wellness Conference

Join the Mental Wellness Conference going on now! Do you feel like you lack focus, are  foggy, or exhausted? Do you feel  stressed, overwhelmed,  or anxious? Do you feel lonely, depressed, even broken? You’re NOT

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Two Kinds Of Power

There are two kinds of power: Power Over and Personal Power. Power Over kills the spirit. Personal Power nourishes the spirit. Author Patricia Evans says, “Power Over shows up as control and dominance. Personal Power

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Perfection and Commitment

We hear the word “perfect” a lot. It can be so damaging because the message is, “I’m not good enough” because I didn’t do such and such without error. The truth is, you’re good enough. Period.

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Creating What You REALLY Want

Creation. It’s a word that maybe isn’t spoken enough. The fact is, we are constantly in creation mode–either positive or negative. When was the last time you created something you REALLY wanted? In Marianne Williamson’s

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