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June 2011 I stand at the island in my kitchen.  Something is happening.  My heart is beating very fast.  My breathing comes in sharp, quick gasps.  Some of my children are in the same room.

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Why I Am Sharing

Some may wonder why I am sharing my story.  I heard a story from David Bednar a few days ago that explains exactly why I share. ( Come and See ) He told about a time when

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When It Doesn’t Seem To Matter

Did you know that any one honeybee “only” contributes 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey towards one pound of honey?  That same bee travels the equivalent of one to two times around the earth to

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How This Blog Began

I turned 44 years old this week. Really, I’m just 29!  It’s the joke in our family—“Oh, yeah.  Mom’s 29 this year!”  I figure if I stick with the same number every year it will make

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